Download Your FanX® Comic Convention™ Digital Photo Op

Here is where you can locate and download the digital version of your professional FanX® Comic Convention™ photo op.

Locate your digital download

To locate your digital download please enter the number from your print into the form. Please make sure you enter the number exactly as it appears on your image.

Please note, depending on internet connection speeds at the venue, digitals can take additional time to appear.



We understand your concerns and questions! Given how quickly information and safety requirements on Covid 19 are changing, we will follow the requirements and best practices of the CDC, the state and local authorities, and the venue. If a guest you have purchased a ticket for adds the plexi precaution to their op, you can request a refund at Please click here for the current list of precautions in place on a per guest basis.


Enter Image Number
Your image number is printed in the lower right corner on the front of your photo. It is small and is automatically printed on the photo. See sample below